Materials Handling

Manual - C-Rail Program

Additional information

For transport within a facility, Conductix-Wampfler’s modular handling systems can provide customized transport solutions that ensure an optimum material flow. Various additional components, such as switching systems and curves, allow for the creation of complex tracks. The modular nature of the system and its simple assembly make it possible to plan and install a manual suspension track for many different applications.

Product data

Manual suspension tracks offer the following benefits:

  • Low investment costs
  • Reduced internal transport time
  • Reduced handling times
  • Increased productivity
  • Easier working conditions for employees
  • Targeted material flow
  • Product-based design
  • Easy expansion of the system at any time
  • Individual construction with custom set-ups
  • Flexible adjustment for changes in production requirements
  • Simple planning with a clearly laid out modular system

Manual suspension track components

  1. Rail carriers
  2. Rail connectors
  3. Track rails [fixed length of C-rails: 6m], include cut-off in calculations
  4. End stop with a safety screw
  5. Safety guides for keeping the transported object in place
  6. Drag chain conveyor - drive station
  7. Drag chain conveyor - tensioner
  8. Interlock mounted on the crane bridge
  9. Arrester mounted on the spurs


Semiautomatic - Circular Conveyor

Additional information

The circular conveyor is a functional and high quality ceiling transport system. This system is the most cost-efficient solution for all locations that require high volume material transport, whether continuous or in cycles.

Circular conveyors are characterized by their low weight and quiet operation. Easily accessible drive stations provide trouble-free maintenance. The modular system also allows the chains, rails and load on the transport system to be adjusted to fit many different facility requirements. Rerouting or expansion is possible at any time.

The main structural feature of the system is the polyamide slide profile, which snaps into a special, cold-drawn profile tube.

Because of this, the smooth chain only needs to be lubricated in vertical curves that may be included in the track layout. The possible applications of the circular conveyor are as variable as the goods that can be transported. This includes light containers and even bulky goods.

Product data

All components of the handling system are part of a comprehensive modular system. Assembly can be performed on-site by Conductix-Wampfler assembly technicians or by customer technicians.

In curved arcs, the chain segments are carried over the rollers of a constantly running roller chain on a hardened curve rail.

Vertical curved arcs can be made with a radius of 900 / 1100 mm and up to 45°. The round steel chain is carried in high molecular weight polyethylene profiles. There are various drive options. Based on the system layout, we use drag chain drives (caterpillar drives) with vertical, horizontal or 180° deflection drives directly over a chain wheel. Sliding hubs are standard.

The chain can be tensioned using 180° guide rollers or using 2 curved arcs of 90° each.

System structure with diversion drive

  1. Drive station
  2. Chain
  3. Guide rail
  4. Tensioner station
  5. C-rails
  6. Suspension
  7. Transport cart